Citizenship Ceremony

Well....at last this day has arrived!!!! We've taken The Oath and kissed the kangaroo's ass and are now officially Aussies!!!

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Canal Life!!!

Canal life is a culture on it's own!!!

Move to WA

As you all know, we have moved across the County to WA. A big move but a good one. We decided that we wanted to be near the water again and found this lovely place in Mandurah, right on the water. We absolutely love it here and feel like we are on permanent holiday, but, unfortunately, some of us have to work and it's hard to pack up and fly off to The Pilbarra to 45dg + and millions of flies!!!!!

I bought half shares in a pontoon boat,The Surrey, with our new friends Stuart and June Dicks, and have the most awesome time cruising up and down the canals, as you will see by the photos!!! We also do a lot of crabbing and fishing from it, but it is mainly just a booze cruiser(HMS Pissalot).

It is absolutely stunning living on the canals and Jamie and I dive in as often as possible. The dolphins often pay us a visit and my neighbor tells me that in Dec. they herded a shoal of fish into the canal and were hitting them into the air and jumping out of the water to catch them, putting on an amazing display.(Who needs Bayworld???)